Kicking off the summer of 2010!

Welcome to the newly created website for the Greater Albuquerque Church of Christ Teen Ministry! We are excited that the summer is under way. Thank you to all of those people came to our BBQ this afternoon and shared your ideas about how we can strengthen our teen ministry. Kara and I are excited to build upon the foundation that has already been laid and with God, to take the ministry to even new heights. I would like to get a contact list together so that we can have more access to communication amongst each other. I would also like to get an e-mail group together so that we can make mass communication easier. Please look out for a weekly scripture and theme on the website. I am taking suggestions on things that you would like to see on this website so let me know what you would like. Thank you for all your support during this transition as we look forward to working together to with all of you.